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tv   Fox 35 News at 6  FOX  March 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> new tonight at 6:00, a father is absolutely broken after the mother of his children was killed in a crash. >> valerie boey is live in orlando with this story. valerie? >> reporter: hey, there, sonni, the van that the victim -- hadthe hazard lights on and trying to figure out why another driver crashed right into them. >> it's -- it's shocking, and i'm having a really hard time, so things kind of hit us all of a sudden. >> reporter: victor soto grieves the loss of 43-year-old kristina moraga, the mother of his three children. really hard. i mean, my boys took it really hard last night, and also for me and my family, to try to pull everybody together. >> reporter: kristina and her boyfriend, 54-year-old julio castadied in an accident on
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according to investigators, julio had the hazard lights on in his van when a driver crashed into them. >> ran into the back of that van causing the deaths of both the driver and the passenger in that van, and in this case, two people lost their lives and we're still trying to piece together whether or not they were -- they broke out in the middle of the road. >> reporter: only disabled vehicles should be using the hazards. drivers also need to be careful when they see a vehicle using them. >> for anybody that's driving and see a slower-moving vehicle or hazard situation, you have to use due care around that vehicle. >> be careful and you see somebody on the side of the road just slow down, pay attention, move over, shift lanes if you can and just give them as much room as you can because you never know what's going on and what could happen in the process. >> victor says they have three children together but she also has four other kids. while they were no longer a couple, he said they remained good friends and had planned on
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>> she was very loving, shy, she had a great heart, you know. she was always willing to help people. >> reporter: meanwhile, they hope that someone comes forward with information about the crash. >> if someone saw something and was unable to stay, and we would like to hear from them. and investigators say the driver of the other car suffered minor injuries. the investigation continues. live in orlando, valerie boey, fox 35 news. >> a tragedy in sanford. a young girl finds a gun under a sofa cushion and pulls the trigger shooting herself. she later died in the hospital. >> and the man who was watching her while she shot herself is under arrest. kirstin delgado has the got the very latest. >> reporter: this horrific accident happened about 8:00 pm last night and at 3 am this man
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at the seminole county jail. >> she took out the firearm and accidentally discharged and it resulted in a devastating consequence. >> the life of six-year-old a-- alisea and the child finding the gun in her baby-sitter's home. she later died at central florida regional hospital. >> the juvenile was in the proximity of a firearm that was stored in a nonsecured manner underneath the sofa in an area where the juvenile was permitted to play. >> he was left in the care of eric williams. he describes him as a family member and he's a convicted felon now charged with great bodily harm and unsafe storage of a firearm. police are working to figure out how exactly they got ahold of the gun. people need to be more responsible. >> i have a gun but it's put away and it's locked away. they don't even know where it is. >> little alisea went to -- elementary. the sanford police chief calling the incident careless.
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shot herself in the hand with the two incidents happening a week apart, the sanford police are trying to take action and have a class on education. >> we're going to have a class about an hour long, not only for proper firearm storage but also tailored to the children, making sure they know if they see a gun they need to stop, turn around and tell a grownup. >> that gun safety course will take place a week from today at 4:00 pm. in the meantime, the police department is urging anyone who needs one to go to them to get a free gunlock, free and completely -- no charge, and no questions asked. all do you is go and pick it up. >> in the meantime, williams is here at the seminole county jail. he has an appearance, first appearance tomorrow at 4:00 pm. we will there be. report live from seminole county kirstin del guh go, fox 35 news. >> they move much closer to reality today. the 16 million-dollar building
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governors gave the okay for 20 million in state funding if ucf can raise 20 million on its own. they've already got $16 million. that 20 million also has got to be approved by the legislature and the governor and the full course press is now on. >> i have great confidence that we will make it through the process but through the legislative portion, as well see the budget review of the budget and we will not take that for granted and we will be working that the next couple of weeks. >> the campus would serve 7700 students but about a third of those would be on line only. they have for help administration, digital media and government. >> a boy who was pulled from the canal near an orlando elementary school. we do know the child is still in the hospital and tonight we are hearing from his very distraught father, holly bristow is live in orlando. she's got the very latest. holly. >> reporter: well, according to bad, -- dad, the little boy is
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according to his little brother, they were walking home from school and decided to take a short cut for the first time. somehow or another, the little brother wound occupy the you have side of this fence. we're told that he was cross can over the canal, fell in. he doesn't know how to and women neither does the big brother. another student jumped in and pulled him to the side. they tried to do cpr and it sounds like he hasn't been conscious since. >> i want my son to come home. he's in the hospital and he's got tubes m his head, tubes running through his stomach. >> with his son in critical condition, milton williams came out to the canal where eight-year-old got through a fence and was walking over a pipe over the water when he fell into a canal. he nearly drowned when a friend was able to pull him out. williams still in shock -- >> he suffered a lot of brain damage. they don't know to what extent. >> williams tells us he's disturbed by what he's seen here.
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around here and it should have been taken better care of. >> have you seen the holes? it's a huge hole. >> he's undergoing an mri. they spent the day repairing holes and the fence, reenforcing other parts of the fence and shoveling dirt in areas where there were diveets in the ground trying secure any place where they could get through. they asked public works water store manager -- >> do you have any idea how long this hole has been there, right? >> note, it's probably been there less than a month. >> reporter: charles says his crews are out here at least once a month. every. >> every time we come out here, there's either a fence cut, somebody has pulled it up from the bottom and we've even encountered kids on the fence and we've asked them to leave, and adults. >> reporter: he sees many kids and adults all the time. >> they're not supposed to do
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they're not supposed to be in there. >> reporter: hunter says it was only a matter of time until someone got hurt. williams says while his son is fighting for his life, he needs all the prayers he can get. >> he's not moving. they're keeping him asleep because he can't breathe on his own. his heart is beating, but because of the damage of him dying in the water, they don't want to take that chance of him moving. >> reporter: orange county's tells us that they did bring in counselors to talk to the child's classmates. an entire report that was released from the sheriff's office today and some of the statements are conflicting and other things just don't jive with the things are set up today. as soon as we learn more, of course, we'll pass that along to you. for now, reporting from orange county, holly bristow, fox 35 news. we have breaking news right now from the boston area.
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bus in westford, massachusetts, and you can see the damage. we do know two people are apparently trapped in the van. much more on this crash coming up tonight at 10:00. >> several state lawmakers are throwing their support behind hillary clinton. clinton, the current democratic front runner won seven of 11 super tuesday contest. bernie sanders got the other four. state representative -- is the chairman of the florida legislative black caucus and he says clinton is the best person for the job. >> she understands the concerns of hardworking families, and will work hard to ensure that every american has a fair chance to get a quality education, earn a respectable living and have a shot of the future that allows everyone to prosper. florida's prime air aep, of course, march the 15th. recent polls show that clinton with a big lead over bernie sanders. new tonight, several orlando police department personnel received awards today for their works during the first part of 2016. the words of achievement,
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citation. they proceed -- it provides moral and emotional support to employees, victims and victims' families. several citizens were also recognized for helping law enforcement fight crimes. >> those still driving cars in the way of the future. >> understandably. but here comes one of the most advanced driverless vehicles out there. >> all right. that is -- >> the incredible technology behind a car being developed just down the highway from here coming up. >> an earlier -- driving a cold front right through central florida and downtown orlando. cooler temperatures for tonight. much more of and that an outlet through a warming weekend coming up. >> and the imagine ix in a tonight against the team that they're chasing for the last
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we're going to break it down >> recently, we got reports that some of those self-driving cards crashed in california and this is actual the first time that one of those cars was at fault. >> most drivers don't feel safe in those hands-free cars but there's new technology that has some people thinking twice. reporting from our tampa newsroom. >> ask your average driver if they trust letting go of the wheel and you'll get a resounding -- >> 2340e7. >> 1800 drivers, triple a found that 35% said they would not feel safe in an autonomous car. >> i think it might malfunction and it might crash. >> i don't trust let -- the mechanics at this point. >> i would never drive it. >> the museum of science and
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>> they're pleasantly over whelmed and they're safe and reassuring and friendly and not dangerous. >> you press go and it does the rest for you. >> once you hop on board, the conductor merely presses a start button and the car does all the work from there. >> lasers shoot continuously about 300 lasers per second and it's recognizing, justifying and van dating what it needs to do. >> and it can recognize the difference between a waving flag and a child walking inith path, it's able to stop within millimeters of an object. your teenager might want to take it to the dmv. >> if you think automated moving machines are something new, think again, when driverless elevators debuted in the 1900, and they faced skepticism, a human operator had to be assigned just to push the button so people felt comfortable. he says that automated cars are
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people's fear of driving them, too, shall pass. >> whether there's four people or three people or two-year-old or 90-year-old, technology there is. it's perfectly safe. >> crystal clark, fox 35 news. florida is one of the few states that has already agreed to make its roads available for driverless testing. tesla is already at that stage. >>. >> reporter: it includes a little bit of technology, too. live radar is spic -- picking up some smoke across volusia county and no rain on radar. 75 degrees in daytona and 77 in melbourne and 70 degrees right now up towards gainesville and currently the temperatures are starting to drop, a little bit cooler out from orlando, out from the west and northwest, probably about five degrees due to the passage of our cold front. it wasn't much of a cold front but district attorney come through. winds right now mainly out of the west and now northwest. they've been a little high today breezy at times, 10 to 15 miles per hour winds.
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in gainesville so nice dry air there, but nearly 60 degrees still back into melbourne and 61 right now into kissimmee. live picture right now that, lake eola and some giant swans out there. 76 degrees, southwesterly wind, and high temperature for today, 76 is our normal high. 58 our early morning low and 54 should have been our normal low, so we were definitely low -- it looks like temperatures go out to slightly before below normal for tonight mainly. warm weather expected through the weekend and another cold front shows up on friday but that one also will be fading away it and looks like dry conditions will be sticking with us here as we go through the weekend and there's front and extending across the state. just to the north right now, 71 had tampa and 80 degrees in miami but only in the mid-60s, so just a little bit of cooler air and snowflakes flying and all these late snows coming off
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ontario. next storm system here is working its way into the great lakes. it's not diving south. so it is not going to have much of a cold front. it shows up in our computer model forecast, and our winds quickly turn to the south and that's as we get into very early friday morning and that's about 4:00 am. it could be a little sprinkle up there and cold front also during the morning hours and that will weekends. 81 for tomorrow. 79 on friday, and look at your weekend, plenty of sunshine, highs in the mid-70s. lenn, thank you much. tough loss for the mavs. tonight they're back on, taking on one of the toughest teams in the east, the chicago bulls. let's check in with florida and dante. dante, ilya came over the imagineic and they had a good, darn day. >> it was the 7th contest and by
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on that orlando magic uniform, and ilya was active, and five on the offensive end and he's got to perfect that little step back jumper and he's already active down low. he's a handful and he can create space and get that jumper off, always sacrificeing his body and finds a way to get open, nice look down low and a little step to the side, knocked down three- two, one of his -- and he would finish with 22 points, ten rebounds and five on the offensive end and it wasn't enough but a great glimpse of how good he can be now that he's in that magic uniform. >> i don't know how good it is to see him and it would have the face of -- >> i'll tell you what. it's a must win for the orlando imagineic and going up against those chicago bulls and the 35-year-old continues to get it done. and down on that low block and he can go right or left. he's averaging 17 points, 11 rebounds a game.
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bunch of injuries and he's been able to keep them close, hard to keep off the glass, and he can testify off and he's blocking them with regularity now and he'll be in the building and always a battle between him and nick. we found out and he's going to have to check into the pre-game show if darrick rose will be able to go and a ticket offer available on our broadcast early starting at 6:30 on sports plus florida and a lot coming up tonight beginning at 6:30. >> looking forward to that, my friend. thanks. >> thank you. and today, good day or lan dealt, john brown hosting the awards luncheon, recognizing those who have had a positive impact on good town orlando. >> chris rocks landed -- sunday night. >> one of his memorable jokes came at the expense of jada pinkett-smith and we'll talk about will smith reacting to
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first, though, the pump patrol finding cheaper gas prices around town. 1.59 for regular. and that's at lancaster and
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates.
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>> the chris rock's went oscar jokes -- she -- the people of tmz went right the her husband will will will smith. you tried to chase him down to get a reaction. i guess he wasn't too thrilled with that joke there? >> reporter: probably not and this is -- we had a perfect opportunity for will smith to clear the air, talk about riis crosswalk, give him the moment and he doesn't say anything. he is -- it's interesting, when we do, he's usually very nice. he says a few things and it is very noticeable that he does not want to address the chris rock situation. he just wants it to go away. unfortunately, i don't think it's going oog away because i think chris rocks has a comedy special and something tells me that jada joke will be a huge part much it -- of it. >> i think if anyone can get an
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guys at tmz. gary, thank you so much. >> pretty, pretty -- young degrees for tomorrow. >> not -- >> always talking about that -- >> that's pretty. >> 79 on friday. 76 saturday and 77 on sunday and no rain, so this is a great- looking seven-day forecast, and right now, the humidity nice and low. >> thank you, sir. >> modern family is coming up next.
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tonight at 10:00 and claire: kids! breakfast! kids? oh. phil, would you get them? just a sec. kids! okay. kids?! get down here! why are you guys yelling at us when we're way upstairs? just text me. that's not gonna happen. you're not wearing that outfit. what's wrong with it? honey, do you have anything to say to your daughter about her skirt? sorry. really cute, sweetheart. thanks. too short. people know


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